Carpet of Colour – low-growing flower meadow

High-quality flower blend with low-growing bloomers​
comprising 28 hardy annuals and perennials. Good lodging
resistance, therefore also suitable for use on slopes and for
dry soils.


10 annual and 18 perennial varieties
e.g. Ringelblume, Kalifornischer Mohn, einjähriger Lein, einjährige Rudbeckie,
Klatschmohn, Färberkamille, Thymian, Spornblume, Wiesen-Salbei, Echinopsis,
Schafgarbe, Pechnelke

Location: Sunny to shady​
Average growth height: 30–50 cm
Blooming period: Spring until autumn

Forms of delivery:

as a role 12m²

roll length: 10 m
roll width: 1,2 m

as a flower patch 1,2m²

length: 1,00 m
broad: 1,2 m