Floral Magic – shady meadow

This mixture contains varieties that are optimally adapted to shady conditions.
This creates very decorative flowering areas that thrive well, even in difficult site conditions.
The flower meadow consists of 28 annual and perennial flower species in the colors
purple, white, red and blue. The flower meadow is suitable for shady spots in the garden,
north side of the house, parks and other difficult locations.

12 annual and 16 perennial species
e.g. Meerviole, Nachtviole, Schafgarbe, Borretsch, Strand-Steinkraut, wilder Klatschmohn, wilde Malve,
Wicke, Fingerhut, Akelei, Veilchen, Karpaten-Glockenblume, Sprinkraut, Lobelie, Borretsch

Location: Shady and north-facing
Wuchshöhe: 20 – 80 cm
Blooming period: Spring until autumn

Forms of delivery:

as a flower patch 1,2m²

length: 1,00 m
broad: 1,2 m