easygreen® Rodent Meadow


easygreen® rodent meadow provides rodents with an​
additional source of food. The rodent meadow can also be
used as a resting area or as a base in the stable.
High-quality seed and a blend of natural sheep’s wool and
non-woven viscose have been used to make this product.

The grass mixture is specially adapted for rodents. Rodents’
teeth always grow back. The rodent meadow provides
rodents with the necessary vitamins, minerals and fibre for
this process. It therefore acts as a digestive aid as well as a
valuable dietary supplement.

The grass grows back and thus provides a nutritional
supplement for a longer period of time.
The product consists of 100% natural materials.


• Special mixture suitable for all rodents
• Promotes well-being and good health
• Fresh alternative to dry food
• Can be used all year round
• Can be cut to any shape and size
• Mat is 100% biodegradable
• Optimum seed distribution in the mat ensures uniform growth
• Fast germination

Forms of delivery:

as a patch 1,2m²

length: 1,00 m
broad: 1,2 m