greentex® Fabrics, Nets & Fleeces

greentex® fabrics, fleeces and nets
are high-quality accessories for amateur gardeners.
The products are used successfully against weeds and
pests as well as to promote plant growth. They are of professional
quality and can be reused year after year.

At a glance:
• Professional quality
• UV resistant
• Tear-resistant materials
• Can be used year after year

Garden netting

greentex® garden netting is made of a high-quality,
finemeshed net. It provides protection against pests,
insects and birds. Despite the small mesh size,
the netting lets light, water and air pass through.

Weed mat

The greentex® weed mat creates a strong barrier
against weeds. The fabric is laid on the ground
and fastened in place. It is suitable for use under
walkways, garage driveways or paved areas in the garden.

Mulch fleece

Ideal for covering garden beds, raised beds and
plant containers. Stores heat and water,
thus ideal soil moisture.

Growth fleece

The fleece serves as a protective cover for soil plants.
It accelerates plant growth and ensures an earlier harvest.
It protects against cold, frost, hail and wind.