Wool Lawn for Sports and Playing Fields

wollrasen® easygreen®  – don’t sow, roll out!

For our standard wollrasen® easygreen® we use the standard seed mixture RSM 2.3.

This seed is suitable for playgrounds and home gardens that are used intensively.


The wollrasen® easygreen® fleece consists of purely natural materials and decomposes over the years without leaving any residue.

The fleece protects wollrasen® easygreen® seeds from birds and allows them to take root particularly well.

By evenly incorporating the seeds into the wollrasen® easygreen® fleece, a wonderfully even and healthy lawn is created.

After approx. 3 weeks

After approx. 6 weeks

Germinated lawn mats

Forms of delivery:


as a role

roll length: 10 m; 20 m oder 30 m

roll width: 1,20 m

roll diameter 12 m²:  20 cm

roll diameter 24 m²:  27 cm

roll diameter 36 m²:  37 cm

weight roll 12 m²:      4,50 kg

weight roll 24 m²:      8,00 kg

weight roll 36 m²:      11,5 kg


as a lawn patch:

length: 1,00 m

broad: 1,2 m

weight: ca. 600 g

Minimum Order Quantity: 1,2 m²

wollrasen® easygreen® is available in a handy patch for lawn repairs.

To repair the lawn, the old roots are removed, the fleece cut to size is laid, watered abundantly and weighted down / covered with some soil.